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Anisetta Meletti was born in Ascoli Piceno back in 1870 by Silvio Meletti, who developed a production process in the field of distillation and researches about the raw materials to obtain an excellent product about drinks.

Silvio Meletti had the idea of offering his town a product of an ever higher quality to hold up the comparison with the extremely expensive foreign anisettes. He went hard at the study of Italian and French treatises about the distillation and the production of strong drinks until he was able to design a bain-marie still with a very slow evaporation in order to obtain an alcoholate as aromatic as possible starting from his ideas and designs.

Anisetta Meletti has got a very delicate taste and a special aroma that come from the quality of the aniseed (Pimpinella Anisum) carefully cultivated in certain areas of clay soil around Ascoli Piceno,
favoured by the excellent conditions of the soil and the climate.

Nowadays, more than 140 years since it was first produced, Anisetta Meletti is still produced with the systems developed and established by its founder. The most important point of the production is the alcohol distillation with aniseeds.

The alcohol absorbs the aromatic part of the aniseed thanks to suitable stills.
The result is a liquor with a high alcoholic content known as “aniciato”, which is the raw material for following processing.

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